Gas or Diesel: Which Engine is Right for You?

When you buy a new truck, you need something that will get the job done, but everyone has different priorities when it comes to power. Depending on what you’re using your truck for, diesel and gas engines could perform very differently under the same circumstances. At Hermiston Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we want you to get the new Ram truck perfect for you near Pasco, WA, so we came up with a quick breakdown between gas and diesel trucks.

Gas-Powered Trucks

  • One of the first things you’ll notice from a gas engine is how quiet and refined it is. If you’re looking for something a little subtler then go for gas. Of course, direct-injection diesel engines are considerably quieter than the historic diesel engine, so you can slap a diesel or gas engine on your Ram 2500 and enjoy a quiet ride.
  • Gas engines are also usually considerably cheaper, so if you have budget constraints and don’t absolutely need the extra power from a diesel, then go with the gas engine. The Ram 1500 features a more than capable standard gas engine.

Diesel-Powered Trucks

  • Diesel engines can exert much more sustained power than their gas counterparts. Gas engines generally offer more horsepower and higher levels of peak power, but diesel engines bring more torque so they are the way to go if you need some towing power with a large vehicle like the Ram 3500.
  • Diesel engines have historically been markedly more efficient, and they do give you better mile per gallon, but this advantage has faded over time with gas engines becoming more and more efficient.

Ultimately, the diesel engine is the way to go if your work demands a lot of power and towing. If you own a truck for everyday use, then we’d say go for the gas engine.

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